Monday, 9 November 2015

Maps and cushions

I ventured into my tip of a sewing room for the first time in ages on Saturday and made myself tidy up. Not the major spring clean it needs but I put away the pile of fabric that was taking up most of the floor and sorted through the pile of things to be fixed that were engulfing the sewing machine. It was good. Good to reclaim the space a bit. I fixed the zip on Big Trouble's lion costume and sewed the tassel back onto his favorite hat. I established that J's PJ bottoms are unfixable and found a couple of small projects that were just waiting to be finished. 

Back in the summer when we went to Whitby I bought a tea towel from the Captain Cooke museum. It shows his voyages of discovery and it was quite clear that a couple went via St Helena and Ascension island. The trouble was the islands weren't marked.

So I added them.

On Saturday I rediscovered the tea towel and finally did something with it. It was never intended to be just a tea towel you see. I backed it with a simple envelope back and stuffed a pillow inside.

Ta Da! One extremely large cushion. I kind of love it, even though it is a bit ridiculous.

Next I dug out another map. This time not made by me, but made by my dear friend Lucy. She gave it to me as a leaving present when we left St Helena in July 2014. I think she had intended to make it into a cushion but ran out of time.

She even marked Longwood where we lived. The different panels show the districts.

I backed it, in the true St Helena spirit of upcycling everything, with the front of an old shirt using the buttons as the fastening.

Finally I can see and enjoy it. I completely completely love it.

Thank you my lovely friend.


Friday, 16 October 2015

Five on Friday

All moved into our new sitting room. Just need to hang pictures and curtains...


PS Hooking up with Amy at Love made my home for Five on Friday.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Apples, apples everywhere...

The problem: seven apple trees laden with fruit. Way way way too much for a family of five. 

The solution: more people.

 Lots and lots more people.

People who will reach a little higher.

People who will give each other a lift.

People who will work together.

People with the right equipment.

People who will climb to the places others can't reach.

 People who will reach for the sky.

And when it seems that there are still too many apples...

You can just tuck in...

Or you can put together a production line...

crush them apples

into a pulp

and make juice.

Lots and lots of juice

The best and most deliciously fresh apple juice you could ever wish for.



Saturday, 3 October 2015

Six on Saturday

1. This wonderful sunshine!

2. Still picking sweet peas in October.

3. Our sitting room is finally finished, the beige is banished and we have had the floor sanded. It is more lovely than I could have hoped for.

4. We lit the fire for the first time last night and just sat and stared at it for a long time before deciding that it was a marshmallow kind of moment.

5. I have my crochet mojo back in a big way. I have a head full of ideas and several works in progress on the go at once.

6. One of those projects is an actual garment for me. I did a gauge swatch and everything, so I really really hope it turns out the right size...

What's making you happy today?


Joining in a little late with Five on Friday hosted by Amy at Love made my home.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The best thing about Holy Island

We went on a jolly to Holy Island on Sunday. It is one of those places that is an island at high tide but not at low tide, like St Michael's Mount in Cornwall and countless others around the coast of the UK. At low tide you can drive across which is exactly what we did. 

 It is very pretty with a perfect unspoiled village with more than its fair share of cafe's, a winery where they make mead, a priory, several churches and a castle on a rock.

There are two great gardens which I failed to photograph but which I have talked about before here. And these fabulous fishermen's sheds made out of boats, or made like boats, I am not sure which.

There was even a visit from the RAF which provides the air ambulance service. Together with the island coast guard they were extremely efficient about taking a local man off to hospital after a suspected heart attack.

But none of these is the best thing about Holy Island in my humble opinion...

The best thing is this.

Hundreds of Makka Pakka style stone sculptures. Made, as far as I can tell, on a whim by members of the public out for a walk like us. Truly art of the people.

There were arches.

Some had become small rooms.

Some were clearly made by purists.

J made one and discovered that it is harder than it looks.

Then I had a go.

I found this stretch of about 1/4 mile of the beach filled with spontaneous art very moving and joyful, Just people playing with stones. People being inspired by other people. People having fun.

If you are nearby I urge you to pop by and play too.